Amy Robinson, LMT
Amy Robinson, LMT

What to expect at your appointment...



1.  Prior to getting on the massage table, we will discuss what areas might need more attention (i.e. any injuries, or chronic conditions like tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tension headaches, etc.).  From this discussion we will determine exactly what areas of the body will be massaged during your treatment.
2.  I will leave the room so that you can get undressed to your comfort level.  There are hooks to hang your clothing so that they don't get wrinkled.  You will get under the covers on the massage table and lay face up, or face down, your preference.  I will knock on the door prior to entering the room to ensure that you are on the table and covered completely before I open the door.


3.  During the massage I will use a combination of lotion and oil that is unscented or lightly scented.  I have aromatherapy oils for those who enjoy them.


4.  The pressure during the massage is completely up to the client.  I encourage you to speak up during the massage to let me know if you find the pressure too much, or if you would like more pressure.  Also, please let me know when I get to an area that feels like it could use more work.  I will do my best to relax your muscles during the time we have.
5.  You will be draped by me at all times.  Only the area being worked on will be uncovered.  I have a heated table for your comfort,  but if you find that you are too warm, please let me know.  All clients must be covered during their massage except the area that I am working.  
6.  Intimate areas will not ever be massaged.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable about draping or how close to an area I am massaging, please let me know.  It is never my intention to cross a personal boundary on a client.  Everyone's comfort level is different, so please speak up.
7.  At the end of the massage I will leave the room so that you can get dressed.  Please open the door slightly so that I know you are dressed and it is okay for me to enter the room.  
8.  Payment methods are cash, check, and credit cards.  Tipping is optional.  It is never expected but always appreciated :-)  If you would like your tip to go to one of my favorite charities, you can visit my "Favorite Rescues" tab, or you may leave a check with me to send for you.
9.  You are welcome to schedule another appointment at this time, or feel free to just wait and call when you would like to return.  



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